Orange Cab - Everett is a formidable taxi cab company established in 2009 with the objective of providing reliable and safe taxi cab services. The company is staffed and managed with highly qualified personnel in the transportation sector, marketing, finance, training and automotive maintenance.


General Manager
Responsible for the overall management of the company. Activities include Policies and Procedures formulation, goal setting and preparation of strategic plans. He is responsible for the financial management, investment, acquisition and disposition of assets.

Marketing Strategist
Responsible for market research, analysis and forecast. In coordination with the General Manager, the strategist sets goals and plans that would enable the company expand its operations and select vehicles appropriate for the transportation need in the area

Dispatch and maintenance manager
Manages the daily dispatch of fleet, assures timely and cost effective service to customers. He is also responsible for vehicle and communications equipment readiness, maintenance and control of all vehicles. Manages the activities of personnel engaged in driving and maintenance.

Responsible for the maintenance of daily accounts, reconciliation and submits daily; and weekly reports to the General Manager. Submits quarterly reports and prepares financial statement once a year.

Licensed drivers are responsible for transporting customers to their destinations. Drivers are also responsible for the ultimate care of their assigned vehicles including the cleanliness and maintenance of the vehicles.

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